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Henry I (Senior) Sewell was born about 1610 in England, and died about 1644 in Sewell's Point, Va. He married about 1630

Alice Willoughby m. Va.1625? d.1644 (same date as husband?)
*Henry II b. 1630 d. 1700
Anne b. 1634 d.1705 m. Lemuel Mason
Henry the younger b. 1639 d. 1672 no marriage Age 10 when parents died sent to England to live with Mr. Thomas Lee. Attended school 7 years.
Henry Sewell II b. 1639 d. 1691 
Johanna Warner
*Henry, mother died at birth
Second marriage??? Elizabeth
Elizabeth Henry Sewell III
m. Mary Marriott
*Samuel d. 1789 N.C.
John b. 30 MY 1721 m. Hannah Carroll daughter of Daniel Carroll
Samuel Sewell Sr. d. 1789 Enochville, N.C.  Grave Marker
1st. wife Christian Stover d. 1775
Samuel Jr. b. 1750 Md. d. 18 Fe 1815 m. Christian White 1 Fe 1780 Rowan Co., N.C. Joshua b. 1755 Md d. 1837 Franklin Co., Ga. m. Jennie Willis 1785 (Ireland) Henry Samuel Jr. Christopher, Comfort b. 1775 m. Benjamin Baker 8 OC 1779 Rowan Co. N.C.

James b. 20 NV 1765 NC d. 10 OC 1852 m. Margaret Harris 1 OC 1785
Nicholas b. Mar 4 1766 Rowan Co. N.C.
Joseph b. N.C. d. 11 FE 1809 m. Elizabeth Stone 25 OC 1790 1st wife Esther Long
2nd wife Elizabeth ?? m. 1776?
*John b. 7 SP 1777 d. 24 AU 1862
Moses Terrell m. Priscilla Brawner
Sarah "Sallie" m. 10 OC 1802 Benjamin Plaster
John N. Sewell b. 7 SO 1777 d. 24 AU 1862 Franklin Co., Ga
Mary Richmond m. 5 NV 1802
Elizabeth b. 1 JL 1805
Greenberry b. 18 SP 1807
Richmond b. 6 MY 1808 descendant of son Isaac is Emily Sewell Holmes
William b. 18 FE 1810--  LaGroon Redmond genealogy
Francis Levi b. 28 MR 1812
James Asa b. 16 NV 1813 (photo inserted)
Marion b. 23 NV 1816
Milton N. b. 16 NV 1817
*John Asberry b. 10 JA 1820 d. 18 DC 1885
Jane b. 4 2 1822 m. Stephen Reed Hood. Contact descendant: Rosaline Fleming Gadsden. Al for more information.
Pierce b. 29 DC 1824 m. Elizabeth Rainwater 2nd. Sarah Hime
John Asberry Sewell m. Martha Polk (she died 1864 Coweta Co., Ga.) He is buried in Pollard's Bend, Leesburg, Al.
Levi Francis b. 15 NV 1840 d. Ap 8, 1925 Carroll Co. Ga.
John Richard b. 14 JA 1842 d. Apr 8, 1892 Cherokee Co. Al.
Mary Elizabeth b. 29 MY 1843 d. bet.1876-1943.
Catherine Ophelia b. 9 OC 1844 d. 1920.
Milton Newton b. 20 JU 1846 d. 8 NV 1925
*William Edwin b. 19 JL 1847 d. Cherokee Co. Al.
Sarah Demeris b. 4 SP 1849 30 Ja 1883.
George Washington b. 17 NV 1852 d. 17 AP 1909
[Home was on a bluff above the Coosa River in Pollard's Bend. Siding is over the original log walls. Oldest and one of first homes in the bend. He was teased about adding another room on the back for each child born, soon he would be in the river.]
Harriett b. 14 FE 1854 d. 27 FE 1898 Cherokee Co. Al.
James Henry b. 9 JU 1855 d. 1933 Cherokee Co. Al. m. Louisa Wmma Gholston
Charles Toliver b. 9 NV 1856 d. 15 Jl 1931.
Jane Victoria b. 9 JL 1860 d. 12 Ap 1881, Centre, Al.
John Asberry was 46 when the Civil War started.  His sons were about 19, 23, 27. He joined a unit with his youngest son.   He volunteered to serve as a private in the Confederate Army and was enrolled on 12 Jul 1861 in the Company of Captain Harris, Company B, Second Regiment Georgia Infantry. He served until near the end of the great, fratricidal struggle, when he was discharged from the hospital at Richmond, Richmond, VA, by reason of disability in 1864.  His son was released from Illinois prison at the end of the war.  He and the son walked home.  Martha died before they reached home.  He married a neighbor who had lost her husband, Hannah Nash Morgan. 
Marriage 2 Hannan Reed NASH b: 28 JUL 1838 Married: 3 OCT 1865 in Coweta County, GA Children Rufus Marion SEWELL b: 3 JUL 1866 in Coweta County, GA Julia Everela SEWELL b: 31 JAN 1868 in Coffee County, TN Gabriel Warner SEWELL b: 19 NOV 1869 in Coweta County, GA Marcus Asbury SEWELL b: 13 APR 1872 in Coweta County, GA Addie Reed SEWELL b: 3 APR 1876 in Coweta County, GA m. Francis Marion Bishop 20 JL 1906 Leesburg, Al Willie Anna SEWELL b: 9 MAR 1879 in Coweta County, GA Brotus Hamilton SEWELL b: 11 DEC 1881 in Cherokee County, AL Donna Dot SEWELL b: 15 JAN 1883 in Cherokee County, AL
*William Edwin Sewell m. Teresa M. Bryant 
Louella b. 13 SP 1869
William Loyd b. 8 SP 1871
*Elby b. 21 JA 1874
John b. 2 JL 1876
Charlie H. b. 4 JA 1879
Minnie T. b. 9 JA 1883
Celie D. (Sallie) b. 9 NV 1883
Hattie May b. 16 MR 1886 - two sons Porter
Mattie E. b. 8 AU 1889  - one daughter
Elby Sewell b. 21 MA 1874. d. 7 SP 1941.  m. Eliza Dale Weems   (photo maybe 1901)              
Lois Mae b. 14 AU 1896
Sarah Teresa b. 6 NV 1897
Emma Pauline b. 20 NV 1900
Ella Catherine b. 18 JL 1901
Elba Dale b. 1 JU 1903
Halbert Bryant b. 11 Dc 1905
Ruth Naomi b. 1 MR 1907 d.2004
Opal Josa b. 17 MR 1909 d. 1997
Joe William b. 15 JA 1911
Noah Charles b. 2 JU 1914
Mary Sue b. 14 JA 1916
*Buford Quinston b. 12 AP 1919
Thomas Marion b. 1 JA 1922
Buford Quinston Sewell
m.Reba Frances Sharp
Charles Elby Sewell
Rebecca Ann Sewell
Deborah Lynn Sewell
Lawrence Nelson Sewell
Sewell Family Genealogy can be found in these books:
Sewell, Worley Levi History of Sewell families in America
Sewell, Roy Brown Sr. One Sewell Family
Sewell, Frank One Sewell family in America
North Carolina Marriages, early to 1800.
Franklin County Historical Society History of Franklin County, Georgia

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  1. My grandfather Harry O'Dell was a descendent of Revolutionary War Hero Sewell there is a book with our names in it but now I have no idea who has this book. I do remember that this man was the governor or something of that sort of Georgia.